copyback command – Replace a PFA (Predictive Failure Analysis) on a Blade S

A customer called me because  there were an allert in his BLade S, so, after a check I saw two disks in PFA state.
As normal i called IBM (ops Lenovo!) to activate the on site support.. some hours later the Lenovo engeneer is arrived to replace the PFA’s drives.
In this case, I tooke  some screenshots becouse it was interesting the metod becouse, he used the copy-back operation that  means the use of an empty drive to switch from one drive in PFA an a ne one, in our case the hotsphare drives (it was changed from hot-s to free).

Our body of evidence, an old Blade-S.

the problems…
The free drives that he used (drive 0) and drives in PFA 3 and 6 :
the command : List drive
the magic command to lunch the copy back from the first drive , 1:4 that is the number 3 to the free one , the 0 (1:1).
the command:copyback -source 1:4 -dest 1:1
now the command to have a state of the task..
the command: view long running task 
after 3 hours…
at the end, he replaced the drive 3, and insert a new one that at this point , become the free one in our console.  he started  a new copy back task for the disk 6.
Very interesting!