Azure AdSync Perform full or delta sync

This is a simple guide to perform an adsync full or delta sync trough powershell First, import the module:

Then, you could two way. First a Delta import

Secondly is a full import

Finally, you could check the scheduler to see when the sync will happen .

Connect to whole Microsoft’s cloud services. Microsoft 365 Admin Center, Azure Active Directory, Skype for Business Online,Teams, SharePoint Online, Security & Compliance Center, Exchange Online – Updated!

First install the Windows Management Framework 5.1 Microsoft 365 admin center First, download “Microsoft Online Services Sign-In Assistant for IT Professionals RTW” from this link:   Install it. Now, if you want to connect to “Connect with the Microsoft Azure Active” do this: Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned Install-Module MSOnline If you have a warning …

Manage Office 365 global spam filter

First, connect to your tenant Get-HostedContentFilterPolicy |fl We need to manage the AllowedSenderDomains  field. Issue this command to see the situation … Get-HostedContentFilterPolicy |fl AllowedSenderDomains If you want to expant it do this: Get-HostedContentFilterPolicy | select -ExpandProperty AllowedSenderDomains  To filter it and show only the domains list use this command: Get-HostedContentFilterPolicy | select -ExpandProperty AllowedSenderDomains …

Installing PowerShell Core on macOS and connect to Office 365 Tenant

This is the official link that explain how to do it in the Microsoft’s way : First, we need to install “BREW”… Open Terminal Now, we need to install Homebrew ( see this guid: ) This is the command: /usr/bin/ruby -e “$(curl -fsSL” this is the output: when finished, run this command: …

How to migrate an old SBS 2011 with PST export to Office 365 ?

The first thing is validate  your public DNS on Microsoft’s tenant. Insert you DNS domain The tenant tells us which records we’ll need to add to our public DNS Do it .   When you have done these changes on your public DNS, We export the pst from the old system (See this guide: ) …

How to install your Office copy if you have an Office365 with on-premises licence ?

First go to your office portal ( you will be redirected to ) and login with your ID. Now click on “install Office apps” : Now select “Office 2016” : Now click “run” After this, the installation procedure starts and you just wait the download and wait the installation process ended. That’s it