Enable the GPO “Central Store”

The “Central Store” permits to manage the new Windows platforms even if you have an old Windows Server version compared to the desktops. Here we can download the newest “Group Policy Administrative Templates” To enable the “Central Store” you must create a specific folder into your \\yourdomain\sysvol\policies\ Take in mind that you could have more …

Linux AD Join

This guide describe the process to join linux to an AD domain . First, adapt your DNS configuration and the HOSTNAME with Install all the following packages : Try to contact your domain with Now, finally, we proceed to join the domain but , first, we need to have Kerberos ticket from IT. To do …

Azure AdSync Perform full or delta sync

This is a simple guide to perform an adsync full or delta sync trough powershell First, import the module:

Then, you could two way. First a Delta import

Secondly is a full import

Finally, you could check the scheduler to see when the sync will happen .