Filter ARP table on HP Switch

This is the command to show the ARP table on a HP switch.
SW01-RackA# show arp
IP ARP table
  IP Address       MAC Address       Type    Port
  —————  —————– ——- —-        005056-a03e81     dynamic Trk1        005056-a063bc     dynamic Trk1        005056-a05de4     dynamic Trk1        005056-a070f0      dynamic Trk1       001132-4cfd03     dynamic Trk1       000000-000000    dynamic
Now, we need to filter and find a MAC-Address with these data : e4b8 
The complete mac-address is 2c0e3d-e4b8bc 
To to this we nee to use “|” and “i” to make a filer.
This is out command :
SW01-RackA# show arp |i e4b8     2c0e3d-e4b8bc     dynamic D11