How to recover an Active Directory Domain Controller that after is restored boot in Safe Mode

If you restore a DC and it starts in Safe Mode, probably, your AD DB is corrupted . For this reason, when you try to boot, it starts starts automatically in Directory Services Restore Mode .

To resolve this problem, we need to fix the corrupted DB through ESEUTIL utility.

Open a Powershell and issue this command:

At this point we need to try to recover the DB.

Now type



At this point, we will try a “soft” recover.


In my case I received an error ” *** Error: Operation not allowed because AD DS/LDS files are in the restored state. Restart the directory instance to finalize the restore process “

In this case go to c:\windows\NTDS

Create a OLD folder and move the *.log and *.chk into .

After that issue an “hard” recovery with this command :

at this point re-run the /g to check the DB consistency


After that, run MSCONFIG and deselect the “Active Directory Repair”

Reboot and it’s done.

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