ISS ARR on Windows 2016 and Exchange

Lab environment:

One Exchange 2013, One Windows 2016 not joined to the domain.

Prepare your server with :

Import-Module ServerManager

PS C:\Users\adminlab> Add-WindowsFeature Web-Static-Content,Web-Default-Doc,Web-Dir-Browsing,Web-Http-Errors,Web-Net-Ext

Now install URL Rewrite before install the ARR

From Microsoft : ARR depends on URL Rewrite. Ensure URL Rewrite is installed prior to installing ARR. Alternatively, use the Microsoft Web Platform Installer link instead which installs the ARR and its dependency in the right order.

Otherwise use the “Platform Installer”

Now import (export before) your Exchange Certificate and bind to default web site 443

Now create the FARM for your Exchange server:

The name that you want

Type the internal FQDN of your Exchange

Select NO (if you click YES, the ARR will create a rewrite URL for you).

Go to “server farm” and disable the caching

Select routing and disable the SSL Offloading

Disable ALL

Select PROXY and set 0 in the “response buffer”

Now, select the root ISS and go to URL Rewrite

Create the following rules:

Http_redirect_to_Https => to redirect all the request in HTTP to HTTPS

ARR_Exchange 2013 Server_ECP_block => to block the access to the ECP

ARR_Exchange 2013 Server => to allow access to all other URLs and the Autodiscover


{HTTPS} off


ARR_Exchange 2013 Server_ECP_block

{HTTPS} on


ARR_Exchange 2013 Server

{HTTPS} on


test the DNS resolution inside your ARR server

Finally, go to the server root and edit the request filtering

Edit Feature settings on the right and change the Maximum allowed content length to 4294967295

That’s it.


  1. Hi,

    nice tutorial, for some reason activesync is not working for me, have you test activesync ?



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