Setting up VCSA 6.7

VCSA install
First, before strarting the install process, you have to create a record typa A under your internal DNS server.
In our case, I’ve created  a record “A” VCSA.customer.local 192.9.215.x  (192.9. ????? why this wrong address in a LAN enveriement? I’m sorry, but at the beginning, this  customer was supported by someone that didn’t  understand the networking ).
Open your DNS server and create the record “A”
Now we start the install process.
Select install
Put info to connect to one ESX
Accept the certificate
Now set the VCSA name, and VCSA’s console password.
Select the size level
And the network parameters…
Now you have finished and you can connect to the address reported in this step.
At this point, your VCSA is running on your host, but we need to finish some setup steps..
At this point, when we try to connect to the VCSA, the receive a certificate error.
To resolve this issue, we nee to install the certificare chain of our VCSA
Install it on your “trusted root cert auth” .
Et voilà!

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