Users cannot connect to POP3 or IMAP4 on Exchange Server 2013 or Exchange Server 2016

A customer call me with a problem downloading emails with POP3s from his Exchange server 2013.
This was the error from his application server:
[04/09/2018][15:15][xxxxx](101764): CSvMailbox::ControllaCasella – Logon:, Mailbox:,
[04/09/2018][15:15][xxxxx](101764): Operation: Logon – Error: 0x80004005– xxxxxxx.xxxxxxxSSLPopsException: Remote host disconnected during SSL negotiation.
After a quick check  in  with the  eventviewer with no results, I switched to the Exchange’s console to check the status of whole internal components with this command:
As you see the problem is the “inactive” state of PopProxy component.
At this point, we have two option,first, try to re-enable the componet  and secondly reboot the systems if you have no time and you can!!
Unfortunatly, I was involved in the first option becouse the system is in production state..
Set-ServerComponentState -Identity <ServerName> -component PopProxy -state Active -requester HealthAPI
After that I restarted the services.
That’s it!

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